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Global Placements

What happens after we receive your CV for a work placement overseas


  1. Once we receive your CV, we search our database for our cooperating companies, needing your skills. In addition, we circulate your CV to other companies searching for your qualifications and who are interested in interviewing you.
  2. When employers show interest in your skills and qualifications, we issue you our work offer.
  3. We then send you the work offer forms.
  4. Before the employer's interviews can be secured for you, you need to confirm your interest in the offered employment positions, by signing the work offer forms and sending them back to us with all the placement requirements mentioned in the work offer forms.
  5. After we receive your completed forms, we will prepare your employment placement portfolio and arrange the employers to start calling you and interviewing you. Most employer interviews will be done by means of WhatsApp with you so please have a WhatsApp installed on your phone.
  6. While you doing the employers interviews, your work visa will be applied for by our company for you.
  7. Should you not make the first series of interviews with some employers, our consultants will arrange additional interviews for you with other companies. We work with you and guide you until a suitable employment is secured for you.
  8. Flight is then booked - arranged by the employer.
  9. Suitable accommodation is secured - arranged by the employer.
  10. You are ready to go.