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Become an EU citizen and enjoy high salaries, social security, beautiful environment, high level of education for yourself or your children, excellent medical care, unlimited travel without borders and never require a work visa in any of the 28 EU states

Why be limited to work in one country if you can work in any of the 28 European states - legally?


Our company offers assistance with IMMIGRATION to the Czech Republic. Being a CZ Citizen gives you tremendous advantages...


The majority of Western European countries and a handful of those in Eastern Europe are members of the European Union (EU). The governments of all EU countries work together for mutual economic and social gain. Although each country in the EU maintains its own government structure, EU membership guarantees certain rights and benefits for citizens and businesses alike. A citizen of any EU country is automatically also an EU citizen. European Union citizenship allows an individual to capitalize on any and all of the union’s benefits, including unhindered travel, universal employability, and preferential student status.

The European Union, although made up of different countries, in many ways functions as a single entity for its citizens. The rights of all EU countries are reciprocal. This means that a citizen of any EU country can live, work, and study in any other EU country with the privileges of a citizen. A company in France must consider an applicant from Greece, or Spain, or Italy as equal to a similarly-situated French applicant, for instance. Similarly, a German citizen could move to Malta without question or additional paperwork, and an Austrian student could attend university in Portugal just as easily as she could at home.

The reciprocal rights that citizens of any EU country enjoy are a major benefit of European Union citizenship. That reciprocity makes EU membership desirable for national governments, as well as making citizenship valuable for individuals. For countries, membership in the EU means that resources will be shared with more prosperous members, and that job opportunity and economic benefits will expand in internal markets. The horizons are similarly expanded for individuals. Rather than having just one job market to exploit, an EU citizen has many; rather than having only one country, in many ways the EU citizen has an open door to Europe.

Citizens of the United Kingdom, for instance, are both UK citizens and EU citizens, and the two are inseparable. One is first a citizen of an EU country, and then a citizen of the EU more broadly.

Applying for European Union citizenship is often a strategy game of finding the easiest way in, then using the attendant benefits to migrate elsewhere.

Throughout most of the EU, freedom of travel is also a major benefit of citizenship. The majority of the European Union countries are part of what is known as the “Schengen area,” which is an effectively borderless area through which EU citizens can travel freely without a passport and without being stopped by immigration officials. The Schengen area derives its name from an agreement that many of the original EU countries entered into in the town on Schengen, Luxembourg, with the aim of simplifying the ease of traveling in the EU.


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